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Let’s face it, there are so many providers out there of new and used pollution control equipment like thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, and wastewater treatment systems…, it can be overwhelming to try to select the best supplier for your needs. That’s where comes in. Our name says “UsedThermalOxidizers”, but we’re specialists in finding for you the right technology and supplier for virtually every type of pollution control application and we don’t charge for our service, so we save you the countless hours required to locate and screen suppliers.

How it works: uses its contacts throughout the pollution control industry to find you the new or used equipment you need. Typically, equipment suppliers are limited by a small used inventory or a narrow selection of technologies. Not us - We are networked with literally hundreds of sources for the best new and used pollution control equipment. Simply provide as much information as possible to help us pinpoint the best pollution control equipment for your application. When we’ve located the best supplier(s) for your equipment we get you the necessary information to directly contact the technology supplier.

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